Best Medical Schools in Cameroon 2024

Best Medical Schools in Cameroon 2024. There are many approved medical universities in Cameroon which can be study medicine, pharmacy, nursing, or medical laboratory sciences and out of them I have selected (6) six best medical universities based on core metric for ranking in Cameroon context.

Best Medical Schools in Cameroon

Medical Science is the science that deals with health maintenance, prevention, and treatment of disease. A Medical Scientist is a person who studies disease processes and how to prevent and treat them.


One of the most lucrative with high employability rate in Cameroon is the health science courses. Most graduate who studied the course is always 80% sure of being employed. The salary is relatively better when compared with another field of study in the country.

However, to gain admission to study in any of the Medical Schools in Cameroon is not easy. The reason is that the field is very competitive.

The best medical school in Cameroon is University of Yaoundé I & II follow by University of Buea which came second, and University of Douala which came third. University of Bamenda came last in the ranking.

List of Best Medical Schools in Cameroon

1) University of Yaoundé (FMBS or ex-CUSS)

The Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Yaoundé I is one of the prominent institutions for medical education in Cameroon.

2) University of Buea (FHS Buea)

The University of Buea, located in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, has a Faculty of Health Sciences that offers medical-related programs.

3) University of Douala

The University of Douala is another institution that provides medical education through its Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

4) University of Bamenda (FHS Bamenda)

The University of Bamenda is a relatively newer university that offer medical programs as part of its academic offerings.

5) Faculté des sciences de la santé, Université des Montagnes, Bangangté


6) Institut Supérieure de Technologie Médicale, Yaoundé.

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