List Of Cheapest Universities In Canada For International Students 2024

Cheapest Universities in Canada for international students 2024. Below are the list of universities known for having lower tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate international students who want to study abroad.

Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students

Keep in mind that tuition fees are just one aspect of the overall cost of studying in Canada. You should also consider other expenses such as accommodation, living costs, health insurance, and additional fees when intending to study abroad.


Studying abroad for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes is a bit expensive for international students. For example, a student from Nigeria will have to battle with the current exchange rate which is very high. So, settling for a low tuition fee school is always an option for a student who wants to study abroad and doesn’t want to incur many costs.

Top Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students

According to Statistics Canada, studying at a university with tuition fees below $22,000 is cheaper because that amount is below the national average. Here are some Canadian universities universities in Canada that are cheap and have a good ranking in the world.

1) Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University is known for its competitive tuition rates. Located in Newfoundland and Labrador. The current tuition fee for an international student is $20,000. The school ranks 601–800th in World University Rankings.

2) University of Manitoba

This university offers a variety of programs and is often considered more cost-effective for international students. Located in Manitoba. The tuition fee for international students is between $18,100 – $28,900. Your specific tuition fees will be dependent on your number of course credit hours and which faculty or school offers those specific courses. The school ranks 301–350th World University Rankings.

3) Brandon University

Brandon University is known for its relatively lower tuition fees compared to some other institutions. Located in Manitoba. The tuition fee for international students ranges from $3,905 – $15,000. The school ranks 1864 in the world.

4) University of Saskatchewan

This university is known for its affordable tuition and diverse academic offerings. Located in Saskatchewan, the university is one of the cheap schools in Canada for international students. The tuition fee for international students ranges from $6,978 – $19,467. The university ranks 501–600th in the world.


It’s essential to note that tuition fees for international students are generally higher than those for Canadian residents. keep checking this page, we will keep updating it daily the latest information directly from the universities.


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