Week 13 Brown Pool Results for Sat. 30th Sept. 2023/2024

By | September 26, 2023

Week 13 Brown Pool Results for Saturday 30th September 2023. The Week 13 pool draws result 2023/2024 football matches such as English Premier & Champion League etc play today is now available for checking.

Kindly know that Week Pool Draws specifically refer to the matches in a given week’s set of fixtures that have ended in a draw.

The UK Week Pool Results 2023/2024 season are published shortly after the completion of the last match included in the pool for that week. This means that you might need to wait until all the matches on the list have been played before the results are announced.

Participants who correctly predicted these draws in their pool selections may be eligible for winnings, depending on the rules and payout structure of the pool betting game.

Example of How Week Pool Results look like

Week 5 Pool Results

Arsenal vs. Manchester United
Result: 1-1 (Draw)

Chelsea vs. Liverpool
Result: 2-3 (Liverpool Win)

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
Result: 0-0 (Draw)

Juventus vs. AC Milan
Result: 2-1 (Juventus Win)

Bayern Munich vs. Paris Saint-Germain
Result: 3-2 (Bayern Munich Win)

Atletico Madrid vs. Sevilla
Result: 1-0 (Atletico Madrid Win)

Borussia Dortmund vs. RB Leipzig
Result: 2-2 (Draw)

Inter Milan vs. Napoli
Result: 0-1 (Napoli Win)

Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur
Result: 4-0 (Manchester City Win)

AS Roma vs. Lazio
Result: 2-2 (Draw)

Week 5 Pool Outcome:
– Total Draws: 4
– Total Wins: 5
– Total Losses: 1

In this example, the Week Pool Results list ten matches that were part of the pool for that week. The results show the outcomes of each match, including whether it ended in a draw, a win for the home team, or a win for the away team. The summary at the end of the results provides information on the total number of draws, wins, and losses for that week.

Week 13 Pool Results 2023

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