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NDA Past Questions and Answers PDF. This article is to help candidates who are seeking for Nigeria Defence Academy Past Question and answer to enable you prepare for the entrance examination which is scheduled to hold very soon.

If you are among those that applied for the NDA 76 RC Form 2024/2025. Then begin to prepare for the entrance exams by getting your own copy of the NDA 75rc past questions and answers.

Based on Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) exam past questions, the questions will be based on the course you selected during the registration.

For instance you are writing for NDA Entrance Exam for CYBER SECURITY, you will be required to purchase at least four subjects which are;

  • Use of English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Now Let’s show you some free Sample questions of NDA COMPENDIUM below, so be rest assured you are getting the correct version.

Sample of NDA Past Questions

English Language

Instruction: read carefully the following passage and answer questions that follow.

The development of science and technology in this century has led men into many inventions and discoveries. For nearly a century, men were content with the use of railways, carriages and cars. Another chapter opened when steamships and airplanes were invented. Thus, through technology, man conquered the land, the water and the air space. But there was one area left unconquered by man: Outer space. Infact, outer space Planets, Stars and the Galaxies was known only through magnifying Ienses. Thus, man operated on mere conjecture as far as knowledge of
these things was concerned. Consequently, there was no scientific certainty, only hypothesis. But today, man has penetrated outer space.

It is true that science and technology have developed tremendously in this century. In the field of engineering, for example, the automobile has been invented as a means of easier, more comfortable and faster movement from one place to another. Apart from that, methods and instruments for diagnosing diseases and promoting hygiene and sanitation have helped to reduce mortality rate and improve living conditions. In the field of electronics, the invention of the computer is a remarkable achievement. The use of computer in economic activities, education, administration and business has help to reduce the exertion of human energy as more activities can be carried out faster and more effectively.

However, inspite of the laudable, contributions and lofty accomplishments of technology. It has nevertheless, succeeded in introducing several anomalies and in some cases, reduced the value attached to human life. In our age, social life has been greatly altered by technological changes such as the invention of nuclear energy. Those who support the invention of unclear energy claim that the only was to maintain peace is to be battle-ready. Humanity is
greatly threatened and terrorized by the invention of the nuclear warhead. People now live in dread of the hour, as no one knows when a conflict may arise between nations, which may lead to the use of the unclear bomb assumed to posses the capacity of wiping out humanity within the twinkling of an eye.

1) The phrase ‘for nearly a century implies that the events described happened.
A. after the present century
B. before the present century
C. at a time that includes the present century
D. before the development of science and technology

Answer is C

2) The words ‘conjectures’ and ‘hypothesis’ mean
A. guess-work B. production
C. Understanding D. conclusion

Answer is A

3) The inventors of nuclear energy justify for it by saying that it will
A. make people fear war and thus create peace
B. enable wars to be fought more effectively
C. provide a balance of power between war and peace
D. bring about a balance society in the world

Answer is A

4) The conclusion one can draw from the passage is that the direction of the development of science and technology
A. has confined to be of benefit to humanity
B. leaves nothing more to be invented or discovered
C. may lead man back to the earlier periods
D. has assumed some negative dimension

Answer is D


1) What quantity of silver is deposited when 96500c of electricity is passed through a solution containing silver ions? (Ag = 108, IF = 96500c.

A. 1.08g B. 5.40g C. 108g
D. 10.8g E. 21.6g

Answer is C

2) Which of these groups of metals react with cold water?
A. Mg, Zn and Fe B. Sn, Pb and Cu
C. Ca, Mg and Zn D. K, Na and Ca

Answers is D

3) Two radicative elements Q and S have half-life periods of 10 hours and 20 hours respectively. Therefore,
A. S decays faster than Q
B. Q is twice as stable as S
C. Q emits fewer particles than S
D. S is more stable than Q

Answers is D

4) Which of the following is often used to treat drinking water?
A. Oxygen B. Calcium carbonate
C. Fluorine D. Chlorine

Answers is D


1) Which of the following is not true
A. Cos (180 – ) = -Cos
B. Cos(180 + ) = – Cos
C. Cos (180- ) = Cos
D. none of the above

Answers is B

2) Which of the following is true about any rhombus
A. all the sides are equal
B. two diagonals cut at right angles
C. the angles are bisected by the diagonals
D. all of the above

Answers is D

3) In how many ways can six sit in a row of two particular ones into to sit next to each other.
A. 240 B. 480 C. 72 D. 360

Answer is C

4) Four persons whose names begin with different letters are placed in a row, side by side. The probability that they will be placed in alphabetical order from left to right is:
A.1/120 B. 1/24 C. 1/12 D. 1/20

Answers is B


1) A gold-leaf electroscope could be used to investigate whether the
A. intensity of electric field inside a closed conducting body is zero
B. air may be rendered conducting by x-ray
C. none of the above
D. an induced charge is equal and opposite to the inducing charge

Answers is D

2) A transistor is preferable to a triode value when used in an amplifier because it
A. can withstand larger changes in temperature
B. has a higher input impedance
C. does not require a heater current
D. can handle larger power

Answers is C

3) The force between two similar parallel wires is P when they carry a certain current, if the current is doubled and the distance between the wire is trebled; the new force between the wire is
A. 2/9F B. 4/9F C. 2/3F
D. 4/3F

Answers is D

4) A current of 500 mA produces isca1e deflection in a meter of internal resistance 5.O0hms. To adapt the meter to read up to 5A, if should be connected to a resistance of
A. 0.02 ohm in series B. 0.50 ohm in series
C. 0.56 ohm in series
D. 0.56 ohm in parallel

Answers is D

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