Best States to Find Jobs in Nigeria 2024

Best States to Find Jobs in Nigeria 2024. This article is to help graduates with cities in Nigeria to search for jobs. Graduate unemployment is one of the major challenges in Nigeria. The number is increasing yearly without any effective approach to tackle it.

Best States to Find Jobs in Nigeria

However, Job seekers need to get strategic and smart in their search to find a good jobs. Sometimes it may require that you leave your present state to a state that has more employment opportunities.


Unemployment is rampant in the country but some cities have more employment opportunities than others. For this reason, I decided to write Best States to Find a good Jobs in Nigeria to help unemployed graduate in their search for good jobs.

Best States to Find Jobs in Nigeria

1. Lagos State: If you are looking for lucrative jobs in the big four i.e. KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, and Ernst & Young, Big ICT firms, oil and gas serving companies, FMCG, Lagos is the best place. Lagos is the house of most headquarters of most manufacturing companies in Nigeria and not only that; it is the city of ICT in Nigeria. The ICT companies and manufacturing companies in the city create a high number of jobs yearly and this makes Lagos state a place to search for jobs.

2. Abuja: Abuja, being the Federal Capital Territory of the country has an edge over many states in terms of the number of industries, schools, hotels, NGOs, etc. that are present. In addition, it is the headquarter of all ministries and MDAs in Nigeria. Everyone will like his/her business to be situated where profit can be maximized. The city is a place to search for employment because of the advantages the city as over other cities.

3. Rivers State: If you are looking for Oil and Gas related jobs, Rivers is the state to go. This state favors engineering graduates and people that studied education more than other graduates. This is another state where there are international schools that pay more than #150,000.

4. Kano State: Kano is the commercial and investment hub of Northern Nigeria and the largest non-oil and gas economy in Nigeria. The key investment potentials of the state include agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and services.

5. Ogun State: Ogun state has now become industrial hub just like Lagos in Nigeria. Industrial areas in Ogun state which include Ota, Ewekoro, Agbara, Ifo, Idi-iroko, etc. make the state a place to search for jobs.

6. Borno State: Despite the security issue facing the state. The number of NGO jobs available in Borno state and decent paying jobs makes it one of the states/cities to search for jobs.

7. Ibadan State: This is one of the cities in Nigeria where you can get lucrative jobs. Industrial areas like Oluyole, Ring road, etc. make the city a place to search for jobs. In addition, if you are looking for a teaching job in schools or educational centers where their pay is attractive, Ibadan is a good place. These international schools and Cambridge A level centers are situated in Bodija, Ring road, Akobo, Eleyele, Agodi GRA, etc. These schools pay more than #70,000 per month. In addition, the cost of living in Ibadan is low when compared to other cities in Nigeria.

8. Sokoto State: Sokoto is one of the safest places in the North and a place that welcomes all tribes from all part of the country. The job market there isn’t as saturated as some cities in Nigeria, making it one of the cities to search for jobs. The probability of getting a job that pays around (40k – 70k) in Sokoto is high.

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