NERC Recruitment Complaints Portal:

NERC Recruitment Complaints Portal. Do You Have NERC online tests Complaints? NERC has provided a platform for all applicants who have complaints or questions as regard the following area listed below.

NERC Recruitment Complaints Portal

  1. Non-receipt of notification of tests emails, spam of notification emails
  2. Timing-out of test portal
  3. Non-submission of fully completed or half completed tests
  4. Loss of access to registered email address of applicants
  5. Forgotten passwords

This platform is the most reliable to get answers to any questions relating to NERC Recruitment and online tests.


How to Lodge Complaints

Kindly forward your complaints to


Go to to chat with any of our support team members.

applicants need not to visit the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) Headquarters or State Offices to lodge any complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to submit my NERC test it took me to a different page as if it went out of network.

I try to login but server tell the token number or email is invalid.

NERC sent me a message through my MTN line, but there was no mail in my box about the test.

All the above complaints and similar ones should be conveniently lodged on the platform where all complaints are treated by the commission as soon as possible.


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