NITDA 3MTT Shortlisted Candidates PDF and Training Date 2023 is out [First Batch]


3MTT list of Shortlisted Candidates PDF and the training date is out for candidates who applied for NITDA 3 Million Technical Talent Program 2023. Instructions contained here will also help you to login to portal dashboard and check your application status.

The Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy has released the name of those shortlisted for Cohort First Batch of 3MTT program training which will commence from 4th of December, 2023.

This represents the 1% of the overall target, inline with the Ministry’s 1%-10%-100% implementation approach.

You can check and also dowload the 3MTT First Cohort Selection List by visiting>>>

Approval of candidates is ongoing and candidates are to login to their 3MTT dashboard portal to check for their status.

Approved 3MTT candidates for training will have this message in their dashboards:

The Message Read:

Application Status

You are a part of our 3MTT Learning Community and will be in queue for future phases of the 3MTT training program.

The learning community will provide you with self-paced resources that you can leverage on your learning journey. In the learning community, you will have companions on your learning journey through connections with other learners in your local government and state learning similar skills and the support of a dedicated community manager to guide you along the way.

Your Learning Community journey will begin on the 4th of December.

You can begin your learning journey with some introductory courses in your skill area in the resources section.

We are excited to support your learning journey.

Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy your 3MTT journey.


Candidates who are not having above message in their dashboard should calm down and continue checking their dashboard and email inbox for their approval.

How to update your Profile for 3MTT

1. Please click on the verified email link

2. Steps put your email and tap on user type: select fellow. Click on complete register

3. Put your email and confirm it. Click on complete register

4. You will receive an OTP in your email or phone number, copy and confirm it.

5. Scroll down on your Dashboard to Artificial Intelligence,
a. click on Confirm your skills
b. Take your test.

Kindly know that the application for 3MTT Program 2023 is still ongoing. For the first phase, we will focus on these twelve (12) technical skills:

  • Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Analysis & Visualisation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Management
  • Data Science
  • Animation
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Game Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Dev Ops

To apply, Visit

Please note that you will need to complete your application by 11:59pm on Sunday 12th November, 2023 to be considered for the phase of 30,000 fellows (representing 1% of our 3 Million target). The first phase of 30,000
fellows will be informed by November 15th, 2023.


For applicants who may not be selected into this 1st training phase, your application will be in queue for the next batch and you will also be a part of our learning community where we will be providing learning support band additional resources to you.

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