3MTT Login Portal for 3MTT Community Managers 2024/2025 Registration

3MTT Login Portal 2024/2025. Link to login to 3MTT Portal and registration for the ongoing 3MTT Community Managers recruitment 2024.

3MTT Portal is the website for those who wish to apply for 3MTT Community Managers recruitment 2024 should login to and register. Do you want to be a part of the beneficiaries of the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) skill training Program? Then read everything in this article and proceed to 3MTT Login Portal and submit your application.

Now before you should Login to 3MTT website, make sure you read everything you need to know about the 3MTT Community Managers. because it is necessary for you to have sufficient knowledge about what you are applying for.


The 3MTT Community Manager is responsible for:

Leading, building, and maintaining 3MTT’s community of technical talent and its initiatives within your state (internally and externally) and scalable programs that attract a broad, diverse group of aspiring Nigerian Technologists and prepare them for the tech workforce as well as other opportunities in the digital economy in your state

1)  Leading the community and owning the brand of 3MTT in your state to animate existing and attract new community members and fellows to the program. Build and own state-specific and regional strategy, outreach and messaging for the community at large

2) Building models, metrics of success and growth strategies, ensuring long-term success and growth of the 3MTT community within your state.

3) Supporting the team to develop and track metrics for measuring learner progress and selection effectiveness.

4) Overseeing the sourcing of volunteer facilitators, experts, venues, hubs and other stakeholders to host meetups and other events in Nigeria.

Developer Ecosystem Engagement:

  • Define community building and engagement strategy for your state.
  • Stimulate advocacy, oversee production and deliver community engagement material
  • Develop programs and materials to facilitate a contribution to talent on-ramping within your state.
  • Represent the initiative at conferences, organise and deliver meetups in your state
  • Create opportunities to engage with relevant partners in a way that generates maximum value for the 3MTT community. Driving meaningful engagements with key stakeholders within your state and the broader ecosystem.

Community Outreach:

  • Create programs to increase 3MTT’s brand awareness for developers and key stakeholders within the ecosystem in your state.
  • Manage and optimise outreach budget across community engagement, advertising, content marketing, events, etc

3MTT Fellowship Pipeline:

  • Nurture the 3MTT community pipeline and ensure that it’s active and sustainable to track the performance of the community members in your state.
  • Drive increasing community engagement in our members through developer meetups, expert sessions, workshops, events etc.
  • Design systems that enable enough facilitation hours to effectively invest in learners to get them fit for 3MTT fellowship & tech workforce.
  • Iterate program design and program management methods to improve efficiency and scale your reach tenfold and beyond.

About You

  • You can provide leadership and define structures for growing a community within your state.
  • You understand that what gets measured is what gets done, and you balance a focus on the numbers that matter.
  • You are willing to explore, test, and pilot innovative approaches that create opportunities to scale and nurture a community of Nigerian technical talent in your state.
  • You are deeply aligned with 3MTT core values and believe strongly in developing and investing in diverse communities of talent.
  • Inclusivity and impact are two of your driving forces.
  • You care for, believe in, and understand the future of Nigeria’s technology scene, are comfortable engaging with technologists and are committed to leadership in support of others.
  • You are a people manager and a thoughtful, data-driven program designer and programme manager

3MTT Portal Login 2024

The first thing you should ask yourself before you can register for 3MTT is “what is 3MTT Portal and how can I login”. Now, 3 Million Technical Talent Portal is the website where you and other applicants can register for the programme and also get information and updates about the 3MTT . They can login to their dashboard from time to time and check the status of their 3MTT application and make changes when necessary.

3MTT Login Portal 2024 is Now, this website is currently accepting new applications. Hope you have followed us to this point because we are about to show you how you can start your 3MTT application.

Now that you an idea of what 3MTT Application portal website is, it is important for you to know that there are requirements you need to have before you can apply for 3MTT Community Managers.

So, do not waste time to login to 3MTT portal if you are ready to take this opportunity and become one of the many beneficiaries of the 3 Million Technical Talent Community Managers. Now, let’s get to the next section of this article without further ado, 3MTT Requirements.

3MTT Application Requirements

As the ideal candidate for this role, you should have:

  • Minimum of 3-4 years of relevant managerial experience and strong leadership skills.
  • A deep understanding of the Nigeria developer ecosystem will be a plus (other notable community management experience will be a plus)
  • Understanding of how to leverage technology and build scalable systems, programs, and teams without compromising quality
  • Have outstanding written and spoken communication skills as well as good listening skills
  • Are a self-starter who can accomplish tasks with minimal supervision.
  • Have a high level of attention to detail and organization.
  • Strong professional relationship-building skills.
  • Proven initiative and persistence. You look for creative ways to overcome obstacles.

With these requirements, you have the information you need to kickstart your application on As you can see, 3MTT requirements are quite straightforward and you should be able to provide all of these things if you want your 3MTT Application to be processes successfully.

I believe you are learning alot about 3MTT so far, we have given you the most part of the information about the 3MTT, now be informed that this programme is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy.


How to Apply/Register for 3MTT Community Managers 2024

To apply for the 3MTT Community Managers recruitment, just visit and click on apply for this job.

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