List of Profitable Business Ideas for Students to Start up with Small Capital 2024

List of Profitable Business Ideas for Students to Start with Small Capital. Below are the top best profitable business ideas that you can explore as a students with a low startup costs.

Profitable Business Ideas for Students

There are some profitable business ideas you can execute as a student which will not affect your studies, rather it will improve your entrepreneurial skills and be a source of income to you.


It is all to your benefits if you can think of a way to generate more money for yourself instead of relying solely on your parents or boyfriend for ladies who can’t reason beyond feasting on men.

However, before starting any business as a students, conduct thorough research, understand the needs of your target market and try to provide a unique value proposition.

What business can I start with as a student. Listed below are the unique profitable business ideas with a low startup costs that students can start with.

Profitable Business Ideas for Students

1) Blogging

I intentional put blogging first because it is very simple to start and requires small capital. Blogging is like a diary where you can input your thoughts, views, creativity, uniqueness, and what you are passionate about. It is one of the great ways to convert your passion into money.

What you need to start the business is a laptop (or a good browsing phone), a platform (Blogspot, WordPress, etc.), a domain name (, name, etc), monthly subscription, etc. The major thing you need is a laptop or a good browsing phone, every other thing is easy to get. I recommend a Blogspot platform for students because it doesn’t require you to pay any money to host your blog. And to get a domain name, you just need a small amount (#1200 depending on the extension you want to use).

2) Private Tutor

While I was an undergraduate I discovered that some of our lecturers do employ students to take their children for private lessons. And this service doesn’t go for free because they do pay them a fairly good amount of money depending on your bargaining power.

Now to where the business idea comes in, some students have taken it upon themselves to source for lecturers or parents outside the school that need private tutors for the children. They will be the one to bargain for the salary which will include their own commission and provide the tutor.

Some of them have even started educational centers where they prepare students for WAEC and JAMB.

3) Selling Ready-Made Materials

This is one of the profitable business ideas any student can venture into. It requires a small capital and its ROI (Return on Investment) is high. What you need to do is to go to places where they sell in bulk at a cheaper price and select ready-made materials that your colleagues and friends will love to buy.

One of the reasons why I love this business for students is because customers are already available; so far you are a friendly type on campus and in your hostels and have a good human relation, you will make good sales.

4) Fashion Business

You can start making clothes, shoes, make-ups, making beads and jewelry, etc. for your friends and colleagues on campus. Experts in fashion are in high demand among female students, because of different activities on campuses which they will need to attend and appear good.

What you need is to get the necessary instruments and have knowledge of it, you are good to go.

Like selling ready-made materials, there is no problem of patronage because University environment is a big market.

5) Fishing Business

This is a business I have ventured into and it cost me less than #15,000 to get the fish to maturity. I bought a big bowl which cost #5,000 as at then, bought one hundred fingerlings, and the total cost of feeds bought was not up to #7,000 till maturity.

Selling the fish when they are mature is very easy because you already have the market. You can even smoke it and package it for it to look more saleable among students and outside the school environment.

6) Helping Fellow Students With Their Final Year Projects

Some students are lazy; they can’t source for materials for their projects and even get project topics are a difficult task for them. You can take advantage of their laziness and start making money by helping them out.

7) Photography


This is another wonderful business idea you can execute as a student. We are now in the era of digital photo shoot, everybody wants a digitalized photo for their Facebook profile, Instagram, twitter, whatsapp, birthday pics, etc. So a lot of students will like to patronise someone who knows how to give them a good shoot. If you can render a good service, you will definitely make a good money.

Conclusion: All the business ideas that I mention above are very profitable for students.

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