JAMB Government Questions and Answers for 2024/2025 UTME

JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024/2025. For candidates who are seeking for free Government JAMB questions and answer to enable you score high in the UTME CBT which is scheduled to hold very soon.

JAMB Government Questions and Answers

If you are among those that registered for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. Then begin to prepare for the CBT examination by getting this UTME Government question and answer.


The 2024 CBT Government questions and answers will be posted here on a day before the examination. Have it in mind that JAMB will not permit you to go in with any material related to Government when taking the exams. Ensure you study them all properly before you proceed for the examination so you can answer it easily.

JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024

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Keep checking this page. The free CBT JAMB Government questions and answers will be posted here on a day before the examination.

Before then, let’s show you some repeated questions in Government that JAMB can’t do without bringing them out.

JAMB Government Repeated Questions

Below are some of the most repeated Biology JAMB questions but there are still more. But I try to bring some out of them to prepare the ground for you.

1. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the parliamentary system of government?
A Ministers are usually members of parliament
B The Prime Minister is politically responsible to the parliament
C The Head of State is the powerful organ of government
D The Head of Government may advise the Head of State to dissolve parliament
E The Party in opposition provides the Shadow Government.

2. Capitalism is an economic system in which A the economy of the State is centrally planned and controlled
B Private persons are permitted to undertake enterprises
C accumulation of private property is forbidden
D that means of production are owned and controlled by the State
E all big industries and the land are publicly owned for common good.

3. The process of depriving persons of the right of voting is called
A enfranchisement

B disqualification
C dismissal

D prohibition
E disenfranchisement.

4. Bicameralism refers to
A a one chamber legislature
B the process of voting in the legislature
C the upper chamber in a legislature
D a two chamber legislature
E legislature in all sovereign States.

5. The principle of the separation of powers implies that the three main organs of government work
A separately
B independently and co-operatively
C against one another
D reluctantly and gradually for the executive
E together in the interest of other nations.

6. The main function of the judiciary is to
A serve as the watchdog of the Executive
B enact laws
C execute the laws of the land
D interpret the laws
E protect the interest of accused persons.

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7. A totalitarian government is
A a government that aspires to control every aspect of a citizen’s life
B a government for the masses
C a government of the people, by the people, and for the people
D a weak government

E controlled by the rich

8. An unwritten constitution operates in
A. Guinea

B U.S.A.

C Great Britain
D China

E Nigeria.

9. A sovereign state is one
A whose constitution can only be changed by a military government

B where its citizens can speak without fear or favour
C in which sovereignty is invested in the military
D whose citizens are free to evade responsibility
E whose government decisions are made independent of sovereign interference


10. Representative Democracy is best characterized by
A free elections and proper register of voters
B proper constituencies and a real choice of candidates
C a politically educated electorate
D representation only for the poor
E rule by the interest groups.

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