Kaduna State CSC Examination CBT Past Questions and Answers PDF

Kaduna State CSC Examination CBT Past Questions and Answers PDF. This article is to help candidates who are seeking for download Kaduna State Civil Service Past Question and Answer to enable you prepare for the CSC Exams which is scheduled to hold very soon

If you are among those that registered for the Kaduna State CSC Examination. Then begin to prepare for the cbt exam by getting your own copy of the past questions and answers.

The Kaduna State CSC Exams past questions will give you a hint of how their questions are structured. And if you are smart enough, you will know which questions occur frequently. Any question you see that occurs frequently should be treated and mastered.


According from the information gathered from those that have written the test in the past, they said the exams is computer based test (CBT) type. The test was paper based then but is subject to change for this current recruitment.

Based on Kaduna State CSC Examination, the Officers in Administrative officer and State Counsel Cadres shall sit for papers A, B, C, D, E while other cadres will sit for papers A, B & E only.

To be succeed in the exams, you must be fast and able to minimize your mistakes and error as possible.

We took time to compile this Kaduna State CSC CBT Exams past questions so be rest assured you are getting the correct version.

Sample of Kaduna State CSC Exams Past Questions


1. The following are types of Appointment in the Public Service except:

a) As trainee or pupils
b) On Temporary basis
c) On permanent and pensionable basis
d) On casual basis

2. A candidate must attained a minimum of ——————– years before being eligible for Appointment into the Public Service:

a) 18 years
b) 20 years
c) 16 years
d) 15 years

3. A candidate above the age of 50 years is eligible for Appointment into the Public Service on:

a) Permanent and pensionable
b) Temporary basis
c) Contract basis
d) Month to month basis

4. Appointment into the Public Service is the mandate of:

a) Office of the Head of Service
b) Office of the Secretary to the State Government
c) Civil Service Commission
d) Ministry

5. All applicants for post in the mainstream Public Service must apply through which of the following organs:

a) The Ministry
b) The Civil Service Commission
c) Office of Head of Service
d) Office of the Secretary to the State Government

6. An Officer must served for a probationary period of ————— year(s) and passed the puscribed Civil Service Examination before being eligible for confirmation of Appointment:

a) One (1) year
b) Two (2) year
c) Three (3) year
d) Four (4) year

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