Federal Fire Service (FFS) Past Questions and Answers PDF

Federal Fire Service Past Questions and Answers PDF Download. This article is to help candidates who are seeking for FFS recruitment Past question and answer to enable you prepare for the CBT aptitude test examination which is scheduled to hold very soon.

Fire Service Past Questions and Answers PDF

If you are among those that applied for the Fire Service recruitment. Then begin to prepare for the computer based test exams by getting your own copy of the FFS past questions and answers.


Our Fire Service past questions will give you a hint of how their questions are structured. And if you are smart enough, you will know which questions occur frequently. Any question you see that occurs frequently should be treated and mastered.

According to the information gathered from those that have written the test in the past, they said the exams is computer based test (CBT) type. The test was paper based then but is subject to change for this current recruitment.

Calculator aren’t allow and the Fire Service exams is divided into 3 sections, 40 minutes each, 40 questions per section.

To succeed in the test, you must be fast and able to minimize your mistakes and error as possible.

Based on Federal Fire Service Past questions, the questions will be based on Mathematics, English Language, and General paper.

1. English Language

Most questions from English Language came from Consonant sound, Vowel sound, Nearest in meaning, Opposite in meaning, Synonyms, adjective, Verbs.

2. Mathematics

Majority of maths questions came from probability, permutation and combination, partial and impartial fractions, logarithm, mean, median, mode and range.

3. General paper

The questions from this part are majorly current affairs. Some of the question that came out last year include:

  1. Who is the comptroller General of Federal Fire Service
  2. When was Nigeria Fire Service Established

Sample of Fire Service Past Questions

Use of English:

In Question 1 and 2, choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.

1) Fresh

A. Stale

B. Faulty

C. Disgraceful

D. Sluggish

Correct Answers: A

2) Unsullied

A. soggy

B. papered

C. tarnished

D. countless

Correct Answers: C


3) How many gold coins are there in a jar of 88 coins, if there are 1/3 as many silver coins as gold coins?

A. 52

B. 22

C. 45

D. 66

Correct Answers: D

4) Find the missing numbers and letters in the following series: C 81 E 64 ? 49 I ? K

A. F,36

B. G,36

C. G,32

D. H,24

Correct Answers: B

5)The Olympic record time for running the endurance event was 4 hours and 40 minutes. Aliu recently broke that record, running a time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. What fraction of the original record time was Aliu’s time?

A. 5/9

B. 6/9

C. 5/7

D. 6/7

Correct Answers: C

General paper / Current Affair:

6) When was Nigeria Fire Service Established?

A. 1901

B. 1963

C. 1942

D. 1960

Correct Answers: B

7) The Fire Service in Nigeria initially came into existence through___________?

A. Lagos Police Fire brigade

B. Federal Housing Authority

C. The Nigeria Police Force

D. Calabar Fire Squared

Correct Answers: A

8) Who is the comptroller General of Federal Fire Service?

A. Engr Jaji O. Abdulganiyu

B. Dr. Ahmed Jibri

C. Babatunde Kalango

D. Mustafa Jackson

Correct Answers: A

We took time to compile this CDCFIB past questions so be rest assured you are getting the correct version.

If you are interested in getting the newly updated Federal Fire Service recruitment past question and answer, then follow the procedures below to get your copy.

How to Get Fire Service Past Questions and Answers PDF

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